As part of the learning journey students have the option of taking graded examinations. While grades are not compulsory in WAMA we do encourage students to consider taking them. Here’s why:


Grades are very good at motivating students to practice, giving them a definite goal to work towards. There's nothing like a deadline to focus the mind as they say! Taking an exam with an impartial stranger can make a student push his/herself further than he/she might do so otherwise.


Grades are structured. They are designed to enable you to realise your full potential on the instrument and have the opportunity of gaining an internationally recognised qualification. Should the student opt to get through all 8 grades, a high musical level would be achieved.


Grades are necessary if you are thinking of taking further education in music post Leaving Cert. Some Institutes and Universities require a minimum of Grade 5 to gain entry to their course. Some require all 8 grades.


All of our students who took part in the exams to date have been highly successful with the vast majority achieving the highest award of distinction, and a zero failure rate.

051-821014                     Passage Cross, Dunmore Road, Waterford City

051-821014                     Passage Cross, Dunmore Road, Waterford City